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beat production

Are you a songwriter in need of some music? Chimo25's diversity is present in every track he produces. He can produce anything from Industrial to advant garde hip-hop to any style of electronica. All prices are negotiable, contact for more details. Chimo25 has been making beats for over a decade and can provide the professionalism and originality to bring your lyrics to life. Drums make the beat, the beat makes the rythm, the rythm makes the melody flow. With Chimo25 behind your beat you are sure to have a sound like no other that will flow properly to any genre requested. Let Chimo25 help you create a sound you will never forget, contact me today!


Chimo25's remixes are fresh and original. If you are in a band, produce electronic music or are a hip hop producer and need remix work done, Chimo25 is the producer you are looking for. He can bring a new feel to your artwork with his creativity and skills that allow him to work with any genre of music. Pricing is as always negotionable. Examples of his remixes can be found on:

scores and soundtracks

Are you a film maker on a limited budget? Do you need music for your movie that will capture the feel of your vision? Then you've come to the right website. Chimo25 and Ron Rierson aka Elf Machine can bring your film to life with sound fx and music. Take a look and hear for yourself....Click Here!



Chimo25 Services

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