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Chimo25 Discography

chimo25 is chris chimo

1998 - Started producing music with my little brother Jason on Fruity Loops Pro as Chimotherapy. We quickly started buying hardware such as drum machines, samplers, and synths to produce a more organic sound. I also started learning how to record with a korg D1600mkII (digital recorder).
I started playing live in 2006 as Chimotherapy in Tampa, FL.. Chimotherapy live was Jason and Chris Chimo on beats, production, and synths with the help of Zack Jones, additional synths, and Lisa Chambliss on vocals. We were getting played on the public radio station WMNF 88.5 on a show called Bodyrock with Mike Baggley.

2006 - I produced an album under the name XenoLogic called Interconnected with Zack Jones which was released on a net label called

2007 - Moved to Las Vegas and hooked up with an art and music collective called Macro-Fi  and started playing live as Warped Angel (Lisa and I) and chimo25 (solo project).

2007 - I started playing in a experimental / ambient band called Werd to the Mothership that consisted of me, Jeff Madlambayan (the Doodler) and Jesse Sampson (Ex-Dinosaur).

2008 - I produced Warped Angel's first release titled I Wanna Dream, that is available through CD Baby and in Zia Records in Nevada and Arizona.

2008 - I also produced an album for local hip hop artist Okword called Spaceman in which was never released due to lack of funding. During the recording of the album Spaceman I played live with Okword for about a year.

2008 - I started yet another project with Ron Rierson, from a local electronic act Anamorphosis, called Elf Machine. We have a DVD we sell at shows that isn't officially released that contains short films that Ron has put together with our music to it. The DVD was completed in 2009.

2008 - I appeared on local hip hop/ electronic artists Caused by the Sun and whatFOUR's debut album titled "where are they now" on track # 5 Rose frozen in Time.

2008 - I bought a Mac and started using Garage Band to record and mix with as well as recording on a digital recorder. I learned a lot about mixing and recording vocals from John Kiehlbauch (Professor Def) who went to school for music production at Full Sail in Orlando, FL.

2009 - I produced 2 tracks for yet another local hip hop artist, Late for Dinner. The album was released at the end of 2009 and is called Blame it on the Economy. I did tracks 3 and 6 (golden parachutes and Food). I also have been playing live with Late for Dinner since his album release until now.

2009 - Warped Angel and chimo25 each have tracks on a compilation for WMNF 88.5 cd titled "Destination Unknown".

2009 - Las Vegas poet Amir Rikkah released his album Children of the Neon Haze. I produced tracks: New Morning Forming, One, and Hey Mom.

2010 - In April I released my first album as Chimo25 called FUQ. The recordings for this album were recorded from 2006 to 2009. Amir Rikkah's poem Pursuit of Happiness appears on this album

I am getting regular rotation on Future Sound on kunv 91.5 here in Las Vegas.
With all the projects that I have been involved with I have at least 60 shows under my belt.
I have opened up for the band Woven (who has releases on interscope records) three different times.
I have also opened up for Anticon's artists Sole and Themselves.
I have opened up for Ninja Academy and also Maniqui Lazer.
I have opened up for Ninth Moon Black.
I now use Ableton Live 8 for recording and mixing. I play bass guitar, guitar, keyboards and drum machines.

I have the ability to record any type of music with the equipment I own.
I can do everything on production except mastering.

I have done unsolicited remixes of
Primus - St. Baker
The Grateful Dead - Truckn'
A Perfect Circle - Lullaby
Wagon Christ - I'm Singing
It's always Sunny in Philadelphia - Dayman

most of these are available for Free download on Soundcloud

links to other artists

Below is a list of artists that I have worked with in the past, the ones that have an onlline presence will be linked.


Where Are They Now - Cover Album Art
Caused by the Sun

Chimotherapy Logo
Chimotherapy (Jason Chimo & Chimo25)

Waste Your Life And Be an Artsit
Waste Your Life. Be an Artist.

Werd to the Mothership (the Doodler, Ex-Dinosaur & Chimo25)
Elf Machine (Ron Rierson & Chimo25)
Professor Def
Late for Dinner
Warped Angel (Lisa Chambliss and Chimo25)
Amir Rikah
Phunkshinal Junkies (Mischief and Chimo25)
Uno Momentum
Mike Biggs
Shocker TV
Future Sound KUNV 91.5 FM
Electronic Sleep
DJ Pouncy is Dead
Selecta Scream
Carl Bishop
Anamorphic Films
Phunkshinal Junkies
Lendi Matson
Corlene Byrd
Sunday Mccollum
Vegas Inside Players
Vegas Massage Therapist


Chimo25 Discography

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